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I wondered if you might be interested in the following idea which I came up with for our stall at the Christmas Craft Fair. I wanted to do something different and as I had a box full of little-used surface decoration materials including stamps, foils, embossing powder etc. I wondered how I might use these with my silk paints and dyes. This is what I came up with - The Silk Choker Necklace Recipe.

To make this you will need:

• Silk (most types are suitable)
• Silk paints or dyes (iron-fix are best)
• Medium weight iron-on interfacing
• Stick-on Velcro
• Assorted decorating materials (whatever you have handy, including stamps, embossing powder, shells, foil, glitter paints or pencils etc.)



Method: Take a piece of silk 43cm x 7cm and paint it in whatever colours you like. Iron fix and fold in half. Cut a piece of interfacing 41cm x 3.5cm and iron onto the wrong side of one half of your piece of silk

Sew around 2 sides of the folded piece of silk leaving one of the small ends open, trim and turn right side out and iron. You should now have a ribbon of painted silk with interfacing inside. Turn in the open end and sew.Cut a strip of stick-on Velcro 3cm long and attach to either end of the ribbon, one on top and one under.

Now you have your basic choker necklace you can have some fun decorating it. I used abalone shells which I stuck on with Gem Glue, I also used Appliglue and foil to create a design. You could use glitter pens or glue or try stamping and embossing powder. The surface can be decorated with just about anything, These necklaces are attractive and easy to make, so have fun and let your imagination rip.