Painting Flowers - Mandy Southan
Colour Mixing - Mandy Southan
Decorative Effects - Leonard Thompson
Dyeing Devores - Caroline Munns
Silk Choker Necklace - Linda Graves
Wax Melting Pots - Jill Kennedy
Gutta Pro-liners - Isabella Whitworth
Javana Air Pen - Isabella Whitworth
Microwave Dyeing - Vera Dreyfuss
Painting Borders - Tessa Barnes
Ten Top Tips - Jill Kennedy
Transferring designs - Anon
Free-style landscapes - Marianne Nash
Painted Silk Poppy - Mandy Southan
Magic Lettering - Leonard Thompson
Painted Lilies - Mandy Southan
The Silk Road - Mandy Southan
Aspects of Design - Leonard Thompson
Selling your work - Ian Bowers
Japan: Textiles - Mandy Southan


If you have complicated designs to transfer onto a piece of silk, take a photocopy of the image and iron it, face down, onto your flat silk. You may need to increase the heat setting of your iron from silk up to cotton because of the thickness of the paper. The design should appear as a faint but clear outline ready for the gutta outliner to be applied.

Please note however, if you are using designs taken from published material be aware that copyright laws may apply. The design sheet included with the Winter issue of the journal is copyright free as are the designs in numerous design books published by Search Press.